Postgraduate Programs

Accreditation Resources for Clinical Postgraduate PA Programs

The ARC-PA has developed several resources for programs to review and consider as they prepare their application materials. Several of these are described below.

For questions related to the the accreditation of clinical postgraduate PA programs, contact Loretta Waldron, Director of Accreditation Services.

Accreditation Manual

(July 2014)

The Accreditation Manual is available here. Designed for use by currently accredited Clinical Postgraduate PA programs and those interested in starting such programs, the manual includes selected policies, the Standards, 2nd edition, and suggestions for demonstrating compliance with the Standards..

ARC-PA Policies

The ARC-PA has posted its policies as an informational resource for physician assistant program faculty, staff and the general public in reference to Commission activities directly related to program accreditation. These policies include those related to clinical postgraduate programs.

Preparing for a Site Visit

Information about preparing for a site visit will be provided to programs before a site visit is scheduled.

Power Point Shows

See information on the Resources Page for PA programs about presentations also applicable to clinical postgraduate programs.

Syllabi, Competencies, Objectives

The ARC-PA has developed a document entitled “Syllabi, Competencies, and Instructional Objectives: A Guide for Clinical Postgraduate PA Program Faculty” to provide a brief description of the role of the syllabus, and the similarities and differences between instructional objectives and competencies.