Postgraduate Programs

Fees and Costs


Several fees are associated with the accreditation process. Fees charged for the accreditation of programs are determined annually by the ARC-PA.

A copy of the revised fee schedule is available here. Accredited programs will be notified of this change individually. Clinical postgraduate programs will continue to be billed on a yearly basis.

Administrative Review Fee: This fee is payable with submission of application and covers the initial administrative review of the program’s application for completeness and is required prior to scheduling the program site visit. If the program chooses not to continue in the process within one year of this review, it must submit a revised application and pay the administrative fee again prior to a site visit. This fee is charged each time a program submits its application for administrative review, including required resubmissions after initial administrative review.

Initial accreditation application fee: This fee is payable prior to the visit and covers the review of the program’s application materials and the cost of the site visit, for one visitor for a one day visit.

Annual accreditation fee: This fee is billed to each accredited program yearly.

Continuing application accreditation fee: This fee is payable with the continuing application and covers the costs of program review for continuing accreditation after initial 3 year period of accreditation. No site visit is required for this review. (This cost is in addition to the annual fee.)

Application fee for review of continuing application and site visit: This fee will be incurred at 6 years after the program was initially accredited.

Special site visit costs: This cost would cover any special visits required due to concerns based on changes in program outcomes, periods of program inactivity, review of annual reports. One visitor for one day visit.