Postgraduate Programs

Curriculum Review

February 2014

Prior to submitting an application to the ARC-PA, each clinical postgraduate PA program must identify the panel of reviewers it plans to use to review its curriculum content and required clinical experiences. The ARC-PA must pre-approve the panel from which review of their curriculum will be solicited. Programs should use this form in submitting information to the ARC-PA about their proposed panel members.

Contacting the Panel for Curriculum Review

After identifying the panel of individuals to review the program’s curricula, the program should contact the ARC-PA to obtain ARC-PA approval of the panel members. The program must provide the ARC-PA with complete contact information for the individual panel members. Complete contact information includes, name, title, complete mailing address, day phone, email address.The ARC-PA will add one panel review member to those identified by the program from a pool of PA educators familiar with the accreditation process.

All panel members will submit their completed review forms to the ARC-PA staff for compilation. A compiled copy will be sent to the program director by the ARC-PA.

The required curriculum review forms are available below.

In addition to providing the panel members with a copy of or link to the accreditation Standards, the program may want to make the following document available to curriculum reviewers: Syllabi, Competencies and Objectives, A Guide for Clinical Postgraduate PA Program Faculty, July 2012


Directions to the program about the curriculum review process can be found here.

The reviewer form to be used by individual members of the panel for reviewing the curriculum may be be found here. This should be completed electronically and returned via email as directed on the form. Technical directions related to completing the form are available here.