Postgraduate Programs

Application Materials

(December, 2013)

Clinical postgraduate PA programs interested in applying for accreditation by the ARC-PA should contact the ARC-PA office expressing their interest. To be eligible to apply for accreditation, programs must be operational with at least one enrolled PA resident at the time of application.

The application packet for the clinical postgraduate PA program Standards, 2nd edition, is available here as a zip file. This includes the application and all appendices.

Programs are to submit their completed application materials with all appendices for an administrative review. This is a review for completeness of the application materials and not the quality of the application content.. This review occurs after the ARC-PA has received the composite curriculum review and after the program has all components of the application ready for submission.   Achieving a successful administrative review only allows the program to continue in the process and does not predict the accreditation outcome for the program.