Continuing Accreditation

Continuing Accreditation Site Visit Schedule


A site visit team can conduct a thorough and accurate assessment of the educational program for physician assistants within two days or less. Site visits should provide the site visit team members information on the program, and should provide the team the opportunity to meet and discuss the program with its administration, faculty, staff, instructors, preceptors, and students.

The primary responsibility of the site visit team is to verify, validate, and clarify, if necessary, the information supplied by the program in its application materials. The purpose of the site visit is to assess the program's compliance with the Standards and the nature and manner in which the program's objectives and problems are being pursued.

The actual schedule should not vary from the template provided to the program, and the types of activities listed should be included.

The Program Director must consult with the site visit team chair before final scheduling occurs. This is best handled when the team chair has a copy of the proposed schedule in hand.

Site Visit Template Schedule for Continuing Visits after SSR review (1.2016)

Organizing Materials for Continuing Site Visits (6.2015)

Rationale for Site Visit Sessions for Continuing Programs (2.2016)