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(updated 12.8.2014)

Accreditation Workshops and Conferences

(updated May 2014)

The ARC-PA‘s annual Provisional Pathway Conference will be held November 20-21, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendance at an ARC-PA Provisional Accreditation Conference is mandatory in order for a developing program to be considered on a commission agenda. Registration is now closed. For more information.......

Program Defined Expectations

(April 2014)

The power point slide handout (with typographical corrections) from the ARC-PA presentation at the PAEA Memphis meeting in October 2013 about Program-Defined Expectations as they relate to the Standards is available here.

Analysis and the SSR

(September 2013)

A revised Data Analysis Resource (July 2013) document addressing the components of data analysis as they relate to the Standards, 4th edition and, Self-Study Report, is available here!

PANCE Required Report

(December 2014)

PANCE Required Report:(12.2014) The ARC-PA reviews the PANCE first time pass rate percentages by student cohort.  Any program with a PANCE pass rate percentage of 82 % or less for its 2014 cohort, must submit an analysis of its PANCE performance to the ARC-PA by July 1, 2015. In  any year that the PANCE pass rate for first time takers by cohort for that year has a pass rate percentage of 82% or less, the program must submit an analysis of PANCE performance by July 1 of the following year.  The NCCPA will provide programs their previous year’s data in February of each year. The focus for the report will be the ARC-PA’s Four Key Elements of Analysis included in the Data Analysis Resource. Data related to PANCE outcomes should include but is not limited to correlation of PANCE outcomes and:

  • Admissions criteria as predictors of success
  • Individual course performance
  • Course and instructor evaluations
  • Program expectations, instructional objectives, learning outcomes and breadth and depth of curriculum
  • Student summative performance (Summative examination and other comprehensive exam results).
  • Remediation programs and results
  • Attrition criteria and data for cohort being reviewed
  • Feedback from students who were unsuccessful on PANCE
  • Preceptor, alumni and employer feedback

The report format for 2015 is similar to that used for the PANCE section of the Self-Study report and will be available her shortly..

Important Notes to Programs / Portal Pointers

(December 2014)

The Fall 2014 Notes to Program document includes information from the September 2014 commission meeting. Programs should read this as well as past Notes documents available here.

Spring 2014 Notes
Fall 2013 Notes
Spring 2013 Notes
Fall 2012 Notes
Spring 2012 Notes

Portal Annual Report DUE DECEMBER 15, 2014, Submit button available on portal home page. Having trouble with an error message about campus designation? Click here.

The Portal SCPE Directions document is now available.  As communicated previously in the Notes to Program (spring 2014) all programs are required to update their SCPE tab data by July 31, 2014.  There will not be a submit button displayed on the portal dashboard for report submission. All that is required is to have the tab updated by the due date.

Portal Pointers are sent to programs and posted here shortly after each commission meeting and periodically during the year. The current version from October 2014 is available here.

Other editions of Portal Pointers are posted below.

April 2012 Portal Pointers
August 2012 Portal Update
Accreditation Program Management Update (May 2014)

Responding to ARC-PA Observations or Citations

The Accreditation Manual (available in the Standards section of the web site), in addition to presenting information on interpreting and complying with the Standards, contains important information about ARC-PA policies and procedures. This document is excerpted directly from the December 2013 accreditation manual. Programs are to follow directions in correspondence from the ARC-PA about how to submit reports and materials to the ARC-PA.

ARC-PA Bylaws and Policies

(June 2013)

The ARC-PA Bylaws and Policy Manual are available here as informational resources for physician assistant program faculty, staff and the general public. The Accreditation Manual is being updated and will include references to these policies where appropriate.

The Standards Degree Deadline Issue

(October 2011)

The ARC-PA has developed a document to provide clarification about the masters degree requirement as described in the Standards, 4th edition. This document addresses expectations for all programs that do not yet confer a graduate degree.

Syllabi, Competencies, Objectives

Syllabi, Instructional Objectives and Learning Outcomes, for entry-level PA programs, Standards 4th edition.

Syllabi, Competencies, Objectives , for clinical postgraduate PA programs.