Accreditation Fees


At the March 2015 ARC-PA meeting, changes were made to the fees charged to applicant and accredited programs for accreditation services. The new fee structure is found here.

Accreditation Fees for Provisional Accreditation

Fifty-percent of the provisional application fee is due at time of the request for entry into the process for placement on an upcoming ARC-PA agenda. This amount is non-refundable but applied toward Provisional application fee.

The applicant program is responsible for payment of the direct expenses of the site visit evaluators for this first initial visit in addition to an application fee.

After provisional accreditation is awarded, the program will be billed an annual accreditation fee according to the fee schedule.

Programs that cancel their site visit evaluation within sixty days of their scheduled site visit evaluation will be responsible for any expenses associated with the visit that have been incurred by the ARC-PA.

Appeals Fees

Fees for reconsideration of an accreditation action, fees for an appeal of an accreditation action and other expenses related to appeals are detailed in the ARC-PA appeals policy.

Late Fees

A 10% late fee will be charged to programs who are 45 days delinquent in their submission of their annual accreditation payment.